Fairlight’s Help & Healing Center

Go Into the Forest

I’m sitting here in the forest, dreaming about life, and surrounded by magnificent beauty. The comforting strength and presence of trees… I love trees… the calls of various birds. It’s such a novelty to hear the unique voices of ocean birds, all new to this Colorado girl. Oh, the sound of the forest! You can HEAR the air! More than just trees rustling in the wind, it’s almost like a moan or a hum, but not quite… More like a sigh… IT IS BREATH!! Ahh, and it smells so sweet.

I’m in love with the Earth. Deeply in love with the Earth. She responds, do you know it? She is so sensitive, she picks up on the vibration of what you’re thinking, feeling, speaking… And she loves to be sung to! She loves your attention. Trees are conscious beings, they breathe. There is so much love in the forest, so much peace. My soul mission has always been to sing the Earth well; to bring love and unity and healing to the best of my ability. Being here in nature, at this time, I feel compelled to draw people out into this aspect of the world. To remember…. this is where Truth lies. This is absolute Beauty. Hug trees, my friends. Listen to the Peace of the forest. I love you all so much. Namaste