I Am the Manitou

Manitou Springs, Colorado is a place like no other on Earth. Revered by many native tribes for its healing springs and sacred vibe, it was said to be a sanctuary that belonged to all people. In the 1890’s people with tuberculosis would go to Manitou to find relief from their symptoms and were often even cured.

Steeped in mysticism, mystery and enchantment, Manitou has been known to be home to hippies, artists and witches alike. It is a place where people feel free to sing, dance, play and laugh on the streets. A place of smiling faces and friends at every turn. Manitou embodies a feeling of love, freedom, joy, and music!

I feel that those of us whom Manitou pulls in and pushes out, whirling us in its vortex, we are to take the Manitou experience and share it with the world….. years ago, in contemplative connection, I asked Manitou are you male or are you female? The answer I received was, “We are many”…. You and I (you know who you are if this resonates), we are the Manitou. I Am the Manitou. Blessed be.

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