I found a tick on my arm this morning, and it inspired me to meditate on the symbolism of parasites. I started thinking about current situations in my own life, and how a single event, misunderstanding, rigid beliefs, etc. can be parasites that disrupt the flow of everything flourishing in life and bring it to a crashing halt. I also realized that this negative energy converts personal power into fear. Fear can then propagate into sadness, hopelessness, codependency, power struggles, depression.
We can be so unaware of how it all happened that we actually start feeding into the energy ourselves, creating a monster which can shut down everything in your life of you let it. It can be not only draining, but devastating, and often leads to more of the same….
But if you can recognize it for what it is, just a negative energy that feeds on YOUR PERSONAL POWER, you can rip that sucker out and throw it down the drain. Your flow is more powerful than anything that needs to feed off of you. You can always choose to align with the flow of positive energy, light and love.
That’s what I did and that’s what I’ll do. I now choose to align myself with the flow of beauty, creativity, joy, and hope. I allow the light to flow. I align myself with love. I AM the flow of infinite possibilities. I AM limitless in my potential and I create for myself opportunities that are uplifting and beneficial for all! Love, love, love, and Lalala! So be it. And so it is.

“I trust and flow with the process of life.” -Louise Hay

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