Sometimes I feel that I’m all alone. Disconnected, misunderstood, different… On great days I embrace my uniqueness, displaying my authenticity like a peacock on parade! At other times though, it seems the backlash is too much. My intention to defy the illusory reality and demonstrate my freedom (and yours), is sometimes met with such resistance that it can throw me off balance. Man, what to do?
Call for backup I say! We are not alone in this paradigm shift, and thankfully there are others who have also experienced too much to ever turn back… artists, poets, musicians, witches, freethinkers, DREAMERS… Awakened Seekers. We know the reality of love and unity friends. If this resonates with you, then I send you love and light… I send love and light even if it doesn’t, haha! I encourage you to breathe healing light in and let it flow like a pillar in your body, from crown to base. Just breathe the light in and let it flow. Feel it anchor in, especially in your throat and heart chakras. Breathe In Love, breathe out Unity. Love… Unity… Love… Unity… We are safe. We are free. It is safe to be different. It is a gift to be unique. We are always adding a delightfully unique pattern to the overall picture, our own resonance gives greater depth to the song. Love all. Accept that you are different, but try to understand that many don’t know that it’s okay to be different. Maybe they don’t want to be different. Acceptance is the name of this game and the lesson is Unconditional Love. For this lesson I give thanks….and I still have so much to learn!
Well, if we don’t do it, who will? Somebody’s got to show these people we’re free.
With love and light, Blessed Be. And so it is.


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