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Behind the Scenes with Tracey Stones


Artist Development

One of the most exciting parts of this business is prepping the stage that will present the artist you believe in. I have worked with more than a handful and each one has been amazing and talented in their own right. Over the years my experience in promoting music has offered me a good ear for finding talent, just as soon as I hear it.

In November, 2017; I walked into the  Dan Jam that was going down at The Harvey Mansion the Sunday following Thanksgiving, and before the weekend was out I was thanking God for delivering this beautiful angel to our town. Fairlight Moriah was singing that night when I walked in and she turn my ears over with her amazing voice.

Since that night she has been busy building relationships with fellow musicians around town and we are happy to report this chick now has a band in the works to support her talent. She not only met me that night, but Vincent Farro and Scott Carlisle were also sharing the stage with the singer and that experience was enough to spark the inspiration of Farro’s songwriting abilities.  Currently the trio of players are committing to making music together.


Currently Farro has scribed nearly a half dozen new songs since meeting Fairlight. With such great energy being shared, I reach out to my friend John Jones who hosts Music Monday on 96.3 FM. That show is a weekly segment of The Raeford Brown Morning Show and it highlights local music makers and their great talents. Being much obliged, he opened the air waves to welcome Fairlight and Farro as they performed three of his new songs and one song she offered acapella is an original that she wrote.

The Introduction


Following her first radio show in NC, we returned to her home and got busy on a new website that will not only promote her songs but all of her great talents. With a name light Fairlight Moriah, you know she comes to us with great purpose. She was born with a star’s name and has an attitude that shines just as brightly.

She is a talented songstress and a powerful singer with messages in her heart and truths to reveal. She is a holistic healer, meditator, tarot reader, palm reader and traveling gypsy that touches the souls she meets.

Leading up to this exciting week, we have been working on looking for opportunity for her to showcase that voice. Every place I bring her, she tears down the wall of souls surrounding her and grabs them with her voice and sultry messages of love and the blues. Fairlight & The Scorpio Moon is the name of the new band rising from the soil of New Bern these days.

To get to know this love light whom we know better as Fairlight, check out her brand new new website:

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