Fairlight’s Journey

Destiny cast its glow on this Fairlight at birth, with the blessings of a stage name and a matched abundance of talent, to reach the masses with a voice that moves into souls for an awakening within.

Meet Fairlight Moriah, who started singing as a toddler and entertaining professionally as a teen. Born in PA, reared in CO and singing coast to coast, she is a holistic healer and singer all in one.

She brings messages of love and songs with truths that we all need to not only hear but face as well. With a beautiful presence and voice to match, Fairlight makes it easy to behold.

Currently located in New Bern, NC, it is family that brings Fairlight and her tribe to the East Coast. She dwells in the want for a grounded family but has been a gypsy in search of her dreams all along the way.


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Fairlight is the proud mother of four children, who are the center of her universe and greatest source for inspiration. She has an open door policy with all of her children, who range in age from 7 to 17.

She has performed on stages large and small and has logged a good amount of studio time in her career as well. She found her soul and a niche when she met music companion Joe King, when she was in her late 20’s attending a jam session in Colorado Springs, CO.

That would lead to a 13-year union known as Plastic Mojo. The duo actually represented the Pike’s Peak Blues Society in 2016 and went to Memphis last year to represent. Sadly King fell and broke his finger, but the show did go on.

This project still holds true in Fairlight’s heart. She beams in conversation when she brings people back to that time in her life, which ended with her move to the East Coast in July 2017.

In her mid 30’s, Fairlight was invited to sing at The Center For Spiritual Living in Colorado Springs CO, where she sang monthly for nearly a half-decade. One of her companions at the altar was John Standish. This duo work in a trio formation for years as well.

That significant project in the singer’s life was deemed Fairlight & Friends. The three-piece worked out the blues from 2007-2010. They met the end of the road when one of the founding members lost his battle with cancer. Richard Reed was the guitar player and vocal companion for the band endeavor.

These days, she is getting acquainted with her new surrounding and herself again. At first, she was feeling a bit lost in her new home until the night she commanded people to hear her.

That happened when the pint-size singer got up and flooded the Harvey Mansion in downtown New Bern, NC, with song and emotion. Since attending one local jam all things have shifted for this singer.

Fairlight walked off the stage and away from that jam with many musician friends willing to lend a hand to her career. Since then she has been working with songwriter Vincent Farro, who has scribed a half-dozen songs since meeting the diva singer. They appeared live on the radio in January for Music Monday, with John Jones on 96.3 FM.

They noted on that show that the duo will also be working with guitarist Scott Carlisle. Fairlight & The Scorpio Moon are available for gigs as soon as March. The trio is working out a song list and exploring a rhythm section addition by Summer 2018.

With a deep blues and roots rock origins, she pulls her style from the likes of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, but gets down and grooves to the Grateful Dead.

Tracey Stones Productions, LLC is representing Fairlight Moriah. To hire the singer, her duo or the trio,  please contact Tracey Stones at 318-789-6929 today.